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When I was blessed with the gift of divine peace at the top of Apparition Hill in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 2010, I was told to write about it. How do I describe the indescribable? This book is the fruit of my submission to God’s will. It describes specifically how the three faculties of the soul: mind to know the truth, will to do good, and heart to love, are used to achieve such a peace.
Our mind is tasked to know God’s Truth that He loves us more than we can ever imagine and His Goodness to us is beyond measure. With this knowledge in our minds, we must decide to make known God’s glory of Goodness and Love. Supported by this rationale, our will acts to bring God’s Goodness to others by deeds and words so that they will come to know Him. When we can feel God’s unique and personal love in our hearts then we can let His love shine through our hearts to love others so that they can choose Him.
In this way, through His grace, we offer our soul (mind, will and heart) and body to do God’s will to save souls. We learn to seize His grace by making small acclamation of “yeses” to Him one decision at a time in our minds, one good act at a time in our will, one deed at a time from our heart for the love of God. These small “yeses” will grow to become habitual “yeses” as we progress towards abandoning our mind, will and heart totally to Him. When we conform our mind, will and heart to God’s will, we achieve peace in our soul. We can only do so if we let Christ live in us.
In His will is our peace! (Dante, Divine Comedy)